Workshop I - Photography Basics


In this workshop you will learn the basics of photography and practice them outdoors.
Goal of this workshop is to understand theoretics and how to adopt them into your photographic style to take better pictures.


  • Optics - Lenses (Angle of view, focal length, Aperture, Abberations)
  • Image file - formats + color space
  • Depth of Field
  • COLOR - White Balance
  • LIGHT - correct exposure, Interaction of the 3 elements:
    • * ISO-Light Sensitivity
    • * Aperture
    • * Shutter Speed
    • Histograms
  • How to prevent blurry images
  • Picture Composition


  • Digital camera with manual settings for aperture, shutter speed, ISO and WB (white balance) like point-and-shoot camera, DSLR, DSLM, Bridge,...
    or any modern smartphone with buildt-in camera.
Nikon DSLR camera on tripod in snow


Duration:3 - 4 h
Attendees:4 - 6
Price:€ 75,- (incl. 20% VAT)
Location:Different locations within Bucklige Welt e.g. Seebenstein
Neunkirchen or Wiener Neustadt