Workshop II - "Mastering Light"


Sunlight is a given light source and we cannot change it like we do with studio lightning. We have to control it with filters and manually adjusted camera settings.
Goal of this workshop is, to learn how to work with given light to get the best shots ou of any situation.


  • "Quality of light" at each daytime - direction, color, contrast
  • Exposure Tactics (ETTL / ETTR)
  • Filters - types and application
  • Special light situations
  • Reflections


  • Digital camera with manual settings for aperture, shutter speed, ISO and WB (white balance)
  • Handling your own camera and basic knowledge about the topics of the Photography Basics
  • Filters - bring them if you already own some, sample filters will be provided by me
  • Tripod is helpful
Sunrays shine through leaves in autumnal forest


Duration:3 - 4 h
Attendees:4 - 6
Price:€ 90,- (incl. 20% VAT)
Location:Different locations within Bucklige Welt e.g. Seebenstein
Neunkirchen or Wiener Neustadt