Information about Workshops

I - Taking better pictures

Especially beginners are often disappointed if they cannot take pictures like their rolemodels do. The reason for that is usually insufficient technical photography knowledge - an issue that has increased with the rise of digital cameras because taking digital images does not accrue costs.
However the hidden costs are spending many hours of deleting bad images, post-processing and frustration.

In my basic workshops I teach theoretical knowledge by hands-on examples on location. Participants will be able to practise them so they can experience that "AHA-effect".

II - Developing a distinct style

I have always wondered, why so many great landscape pictures look all but the same. The reason for this is that many National Parks mark the ground on their best vantage points with instructions like "Set your tripod up here to take the picture". This impedes any creativity and we have to ask the question "Why do we even bother to take the same photo like countless people before us have?"

The long term goal should be the development of a distinct style and a natural sense for good compositions. In my workshops I support all participants during this process with my experience, knowledge and helpful tips.

General Information


My favorite place is the Schlosspark Seebenstein in the Bucklige Welt, which is easily reached via the B54 and the autobahn junction Seebenstein. This location impresses with its diversity and offers sceneries to practice on for all topics of the workshops. In addition, there are lodges with seating, so we can continue with the program even if rain might occur.
Other places may include the city park in Neunkirchen or Wiener Neustadt, or according to the group's request also specially proposed places.
For workshops focussing around a specific topic (e.g. Moving Water ), I choose places that combine well with a short hike to create an allround photo trip.
I also set up multi-day photo trips according to customer requirements, so that the participants get 100% of what they want.


"Workshop" means that the participants actively work my theoretical inputs with their own digital camera so they will understand it better.
I work in groups of 4 - 6 persons to be still able to consult every participant individually. I choose easy-to-access and interesting locations for my workshops based on the time of season to give every participant the chance to leave with great images.


Since all workshops are outdoors, it is important to also have bad-weather clothes ready. If there is really bad weather (Storm, Heavy Rainshower) I get in touch with all attendees to find a common solution for everyone (e.g. change of location or postponement).


Workshops can be booked through the CONTACT FORM , e-mail or telephone. Payment is due once the minimum count of attendees has been reached and payable via bank wire or cash at the workshop location.